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Forge Books is an imprint of the Tor Publishing Group committed to publishing a wide-ranging selection of smart commercial reads. We seek out general fiction with book club appeal; quality mainstream thriller, mystery, and suspense novels; authors and titles in both fiction and nonfiction with a clear target audience in the realms of history, science, humor, and topical works; titles with cross appeal to the audience of our sister imprint, Tor Books, including near-future and science-based thrillers, mythology, and magical realism. We strive every year to increase the diversity of our list, expanding subject matter and publishing authors from an increasing variety of backgrounds. Forge has published a number of bestselling and award-winning authors with the mission to become the destination for authors looking to connect with smart, passionate readers.


Tom Doherty, Chairman


For over forty years, Tor Books, Forge Books, Tor Teen, and Starscape have been dedicated to publishing the best in genre fiction for adult, teen, and middle-grade readers. In 1979, when I founded the company, our intent was to focus on fiction, often grounded in science past, present, and future, starting with prehistoric fiction—which would be science fiction based on anthropology—and stretching across history and the present into a future which is often extrapolated from possibilities suggested in physics and other scientific fields of today.

The resulting list not only includes books from a wide range of genres, but has managed to win recognition in all of these fields. A diverse list like ours comes from an editorial staff with diverse interests. I want editors to reach beyond those founding concepts. To have the freedom to do work that interests them with authors that they enjoy reading. Our editors bring passion to every project and are dedicated to finding and publishing the best books in every genre. It is a pleasure to introduce them to you.

president-and-publisher-of-tor-publishing-group Photo credit: Mark Billy

Devi Pillai, President and Publisher of Tor Publishing Group


Devi Pillai is the President and Publisher of TPG (Tor, Tordotcom, Forge, Starscape, Tor Teen and Nightfire).

She has over twenty years of publishing experience at HarperCollins, Hachette, and Macmilian where she worked at a variety of science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream imprints. She was the founding editor at Orbit, where she worked for over a decade and which published The Witcher; James S. A. Corey’s Expanse series; the works of Brent Weeks, Gail Carriger, and Joe Abercrombie; and Hugo award-winning authors N. K. Jemisin and Ann Leckie.

Since joining Tor in 2016, she has overseen the publication of many award-winning and bestselling authors, including V. E. Schwab, Cixin Liu, and Mary Robinette Kowal. Her own authors currently include Brandon Sanderson, Christopher Paolini, Jenn Lyons, and Arkady Martine, whose debut novel A Memory Called Empire won the 2020 Hugo Award.

A fan at heart, she describes herself as having the bloody-minded reading tastes of a thirteen-year-old boy. She is always receptive to skillful pacing and deftly sketched characters, and of course assassins and dragons.


Linda Quinton, Vice President and Publisher, Forge


I have had the honor of working with the talented team of editors acquiring for TDA/Forge for many years, first as VP of Marketing and Associate Publisher for Tom Doherty Associates, and now, as publisher of Forge.  I am proud to be a part of Forge’s continuing tradition to publish accomplished, bestselling and award winning authors across multiple genres including: contemporary and historical fiction, suspense, thriller, magical realism and nonfiction.  I feel honored to have worked on or to have contributed in some part to bringing many wonderful books to readers.  I currently work with a great team of people who all have a passion for working with wonderful storytellers and bringing their works to the broadest possible market.

editorial-director-for-tor,-nightfire,-tor-teen Photo credit: Jacqueline Singer

Claire Eddy, Editorial Director for Tor, Nightfire, Tor Teen


They say that those who can’t do, teach. In college, I envisioned becoming a professor in medieval studies, teaching generations of students and toiling away as a nameless handmaiden of history. But the editing life called its siren song and for more than thirty years I’ve worked at Tor, indulging in my many passions in genre fiction – fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mysteries. I’ve had the honor of  working with such wonderful authors as Jacqueline Carey, Juliet Marillier, Ramsey Campbell, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gene Wolfe…and many others, too many to count. 

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life working with authors to (hopefully) make their stories and dreams the best that they can be, becoming that “third eye,” general nudge, and all around pain in the butt to accomplish this feat. I give encouragement when I can, instruct when possible, and, again, hopefully contribute in some small way to sharing in the dream, giving readers new worlds and delightful puzzles.

And the best part? I still get to do this and every day feels as fresh as my very first day at Tor did. There is no other feeling like that in the world…


Robert Davis, Editor, Forge


I have been with Macmillan/Tom Doherty Associates since 2015, and acquiring for the Forge imprint since 2019. I am looking to grow my list with addictive page-turners that create an emotional response, showcase characters I want to root for, and are told with seamless prose where I lose myself until the satisfying end that stays in my head for days.

I’d like to see character driven commercial fiction across several categories including family-centered fiction; action-packed thrillers with a twist; outdoorsy survival stories of all circumstances; magical realism; contemporary fiction with light speculative elements, grounded in the real world; and historical fiction from the point of view of erased and underrepresented voices.

I am also open to fiction in translation, and I would specifically like to see more novels by BIPOC authors.

executive-editor,-tor,-nightfire,-forge,-tor-teen,-starscape Photo: Zack Dezon

Ali Fisher, Executive Editor, Tor, Nightfire, Forge, Tor Teen, Starscape


Since 2013, I’ve been HEA with TPG where I’m actively acquiring speculative fiction and humorous nonfiction.

I’ve had the honor of acquiring and editing work from so many incredible authors including #1 New York Times bestselling authors Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark (Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered), New York Times bestselling author TJ Klune (The House in the Cerulean Sea, The Extraordinaries), popular ao3 writer Everina Maxwell (Winter’s Orbit), comedian Joe Pera and illustrator Joe Bennett (A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape), and many more.

For Tor, Nightfire, Tor Teen, and Starscape: I’m interested in diverse and inclusive speculative stories under the umbrellas of character-driven fantasy, “five minutes into the future” science fiction, and original horror.

For Forge: I’m most interested in feel-good, humorous nonfiction.

I’d love to see submissions by BIPOC authors and I’m a fan of whatever makes me laugh—crow’s feet for days over here—so please send me funny manuscripts to read! I’m also a sucker for stories about best friendships.

I am not currently taking unagented or unsolicited manuscripts.


Lindsey Hall, Executive Editor, Tor, Forge


I’m looking for a wide range of adult speculative fiction for the Tor list, and below are just a few of the elements I’d love to see in my next reads —

Epic fantasy with inclusive worlds and fresh takes on fantasy tropes and archetypes: like the orcs and necromancy in A. K. Larkwood’s THE UNSPOKEN NAME; Kell’s very peculiar coat and the approach to fantasy portals in V. E. Schwab’s A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC; and reluctant partners / arranged relationships in WINTER’S ORBIT.

Dark contemporary fantasy with clear writing, instantly compelling voice, and high intensity pacing like in Sunyi Dean’s THE BOOK EATERS and V. E. Schwab’s VICIOUS.

Voice-y as hell adventures like Nicholas Eames’s KINGS OF THE WYLD, Christopher Buehlman’s THE BLACKTONGUE THIEF, and Annalee Newitz’s AUTONOMOUS (bonus points if the read makes me laugh but isn’t ‘comedic SFF’!)

Relationships that feel lived in, like the friendships in Kings of the Wyld and the family dynamics in Ryka Aoki’s LIGHT FROM UNCOMMON STARS. I’m open to seeing romantic relationships where the characters are already past the beginning / first falling in love stages when we meet them and are in the seemingly more ‘mundane’ stable years of a long-term partnership (+ fangirl forever for the moment when partners fight back to back!)

All things witchy, and particularly interested in sisterhoods and covens that are inclusive of POC, queerness, and aren’t strictly tied to the binary.

Grounded, earthy magics of all kinds (relating to plants, the moon, stars, dirt, blood, bone, etc!) in both high fantasy and fantasies set in our world. Like in T. Kingfisher’s NETTLE & BONE and Tessa Gratton’s QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR.

Family sagas and generational / multi-time period stories that show how events and magic play out across time and within families like in Rita Wood’s THE LAST DREAMWALKER or Louisa Morgan’s A SECRET HISTORY OF WITCHES.

I’m a sucker for magic school esque settings and loved the studying and training scenes in R. F. Kuang’s THE POPPY WAR, the found family feeling at the Home for Wayward Children in Seanan McGuire’s EVERY HEART A DOORWAY, and getting to see things from magical adults’ and teachers’ perspectives in Sarah Gailey’s MAGIC FOR LIARS.

I’m currently looking for reads more on the fantastical side of speculative fiction rather than outer space/technological side, but if a book has the right voice, I’ll read and love just about anything. Voice that hooks you right away and pacing and tension that won’t let you go are very important to me – with clear stakes and deeply felt consequences along the way ideally. And I’m always very open to falling in love with something I didn’t even know I wanted until I’ve seen it.

I am not currently taking unagented or unsolicited manuscripts.

executive-editor,-forge Credit: Catherine King Photography

Kristin Sevick, Executive Editor, Forge


I see the job of editor as parts midwife, professional reader, project manager, and bartender. We deliver new voices to voracious readers, help polish stories until they resonate, advocate for our authors, and—probably most important—keep the drinks coming on time.

While I have always read widely, my focus is on crime, suspense, historical, and women’s fiction, and I am especially looking for novels with a diverse cast of characters and strong female voices. The things I loved about my first acquisition, the award-winning A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell—a strong, yet sensitive, female sleuth; a rich historical setting; a thrilling mystery—still resonate with me today. I would also love to see great upmarket women’s fiction about familial relationships (mothers, daughters, sisters, friends). My interest is particularly piqued any time these relationships form the backbone of a crime novel, and domestic/psychological suspense is a particular sweet spot.

That being said, if you had asked me years ago if I was looking for a novel about a reincarnated dog, I likely would have said no. And yet, the bestselling A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron has been an incredible success. I learned early that acquiring widely is the best way to fulfill my appetite for storytelling.

Some authors that I am honored to have worked with are W. Bruce Cameron, Julie Carrick Dalton, Candice Fox, Matt Goldman, Loren Estleman, Rachel Howzell Hall, T. Jefferson Parker, Spencer Quinn, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Patrick Taylor, Aggie Blum Thompson, and Heather Webber.

I am not currently taking unagented or unsolicited manuscripts.